Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday "Stuff"

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at ‘Breaking The Spine’, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

The book whose release I am anticipating is Stuff by Randy Frost.

Release Date: April 20, 2010

I have recently become slightly obsessed with the show "Hoarders" on A&E. This show looks into the lives of people who are hoarders. Some are just on the verge of having a serious problem while others are so far gone they can barely walk in their own homes. On the last episode I saw, a woman was confined to one bedroom where she brought up a mini fridge and microwave because there was no place else to move. She had stuff occupying every other room in the five bedroom house.

The hoarders work with psychologists to discover why they are hoarding and organizers to attempt to remove some of their things so that their homes are once again livable.

Why does this fascinate me? Really, I'm not sure. Everyone has their quirks and weird things about them. Everyone has things they don't want to give up. I know I do. I'm sure there are plenty of book hoarders out in the blogosphere.

I want to read this book to get into the minds of some of these people and get a better understanding of why throwing an empty plastic bottle or a rolled up ball of paper away is so difficult. I've been on a big fiction book kick, so a non-fiction choice could be a good change of pace.

Anyone else out there watch Hoarders?


  1. Julie this was fate your first name is the same as my Mom's.
    Unfortunately yes my husband and myself do watch the show Hoarders on occasion. Trying to get into those peoples mind is the last thing we watch it for because that would be impossible for me and is also something near and dear to my heart because my own Mom is one!!!!
    I Love my dear Mother but she comes from a family of 13 when she was growing up who never ever threw anything away and she has continued this horrible tradition up until the last 3 years when she and my Dad got moved into my home. My husband and myself are semi-hoarders in the respect that when we buy furniture we wear it out and then have a hard time letting it go, my mother on the other hand is truly the person who cannot throw away the toilet paper roll or etc!
    I do not know if you review books you read as found you on Chasing on WOW at Breaking the Spine site. If you do let me know how the book turns out because just curious...

    jackie b central texas

  2. Julie,

    I too am hooked on "Hoarders". I'm not exactly sure either, as some of the stuff they find is truly revolting. I saw the show you mention. I have a lot of things and my daughter calls me a pack rat, but it is neatly on display or put away in closets or in tubs in the basement. I told Kristen she had to watch "Hoarders" and see what a real pack rat is like. I really didn't start collecting things until after our home burned. I know these people hoard to make up for something they've lost, like me. Unlike them, thankfully, I didn't go over the edge. In fact, I am now getting rid of a lot of stuff.

  3. I watch Hoarders once in awhile, when I'm in the right mood. It is terrifying - especially when I consider my propensity for "hoarding" books. :)

    Nice blog - and thanks for commenting on mine! I left a follow-up comment with three cool Chicago indie bookstores. Cheers!

  4. I record Hoarders and then watch them at a later date. I am obsessed with Hoarders, but am not one. I toss everything and donate books after I've read them as well. I don't know any hoarders either. I'm also obsessed with the A/E show Intervention, and again not sure why. Must be something to do with my Psychology Degree...LOL